Coast to Coast AM: The Suicide Epidemic — December 5, 2018

coast-to-coast-buttonClinical psychologist Dr. George Pratt, discussed how an epidemic of suicide has driven the life expectancy rates lower and why our current state of unfiltered mass communications and personal devices has handicapped our ability to communicate and resolve problems. 90% of people that commit suicide have a mental health condition they’re not receiving help for, he cited, and they’re also more vulnerable to opioids. Beyond mental health issues, problems associated with suicides include strained relationships, finances, substance abuse, and physical health conditions.
When people spend extended periods of time on social media the risk for depression goes up, Pratt revealed. He suggested interacting more with nature, as looking at “fractals”– the patterns in leaves, trees, and flowers– can have a subconscious effect that elevates a person’s mood. He also talked about different energy and relaxation techniques that have therapeutic value such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)– a rapid way to clear trauma, clinical hypnosis, and tapping (a kind of psychological acupressure).

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