Would you like to be happier and less stressed?   Go outside!

Anything that puts you in regular contact with nature has a decidedly positive impact on the nervous system. Fractals are patterns in nature that repeat at different scales.  These patterns […]

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New Screening Recommendations for Depression

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported last week on the recommendation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that all pregnant and postpartum women to be screened for depression.  Dr. Pratt discusses research showing that maternal depression during and after pregnancy often goes unidentified and untreated presenting a significant potential risk to both the baby and the mother. Maternal depression is associated with pre-term birth, low birth weight, lower academic achievement, and an increased risk of mood and anxiety disorders across the child’s lifetime.  Universal implementation of this [...]

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Code to Joy Featured in 13D Research “What I Learned This Week” Update

Once again, Kiril Sokoloff and 13D Research has been kind enough to share positive feedback about our work, this time after reading Code to Joy.  Below are sections of the book that he felt merited special mention.  Emphases shown are Kiril's. With permission, we have included an excerpt of his article from 2/27/14 here: Are you happy? And what is real happiness (continued)? After reading Instant Emotional Healing: Acupressure for the Emotions by Dr. George J. Pratt and Dr. Peter Lambrou (see WILTW December 19, 2013), we [...]

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Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy

The Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy is a story about how one patient, David Nethero, put into practice the mind/body techniques that Dr. Pratt taught him to overcome the extreme side effects of chemotherapy, to complete chemo successfully and most importantly with great spirit and strength.    The book tells how, based on George's teachings, David used positive mental imagery and meditation to program his subconscious mind to be uplifted and constructive - even during this difficult 26 weeks of chemo!  In his book, David explains how [...]

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Code to Joy Forward by Larry King

The twentieth century had its share of medical miracles.  I should know.  When you've survived a heart attack, had quintuple bypass surgery, and you're still going strong a quarter-century later, it gives you a pretty healthy appreciation for modern medicine. Still, there are some aspects of the human condition medicine can't touch.  Or at least it couldn't until now.  Modern medicine has made us a lot healthier—but what about happier?  That may be where the frontier of medicine lies in this still young century. [...]

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Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Dr. George Pratt As another new year approaches, people across San Diego are resolving to lose weight, exercise more, manage stress and make other changes improve their health and life. According to an article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 40 to 45 percent of American adults make resolutions—but just two weeks later, only 71 percent are still sticking to them. How do you make resolutions last? First, be realistic. When you set unrealistic goals, you set yourself up for failure. Choose goals that [...]

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